About Grace1451 Enamel Jewelry

About Grace1451 Enamel Jewelry

From the United Kingdom to Kenya, an Asian Lady embarks on a journey of life with a concern for the education of children in African slums and a reverence for nature.

In the summer of 2017,

during her volunteer teaching in the slums of Kenya, Ms. Elaine witnessed that although the children were poor, they used the most serious attitude to pursue knowledge and fight against fate.

At the same time,
she also saw the magnificence and vastness of the Serengeti Savannah.In the morning light of the Masai Mara, she met a new self.

The experience and inspiration of this encounter between Asia, Africa and Europe led her to create Grace1451 enamel jewelry brand. Through her works, you can feel the wild and unrestrained beauty of Africa, but also feel the elegant British style and the exquisite skills inherited by Asian royalty for 600 years. She hopes to show the beauty and power through her brand, beauty is more than one facets! You have so many possibilities!

Delivering power and showing beauty through jewelry, Grace1451 incorporates inspiration from the African savanna and Asian royal enamel craftsmanship, hoping to show the unique beauty of each person!

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