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Beauty has many facets!


Grace1451 Enamel Jewelry

From the United Kingdom to Kenya, an Asian Lady embarks on a journey of life with a concern for the education of children in African slums and a reverence for nature.

In the summer of 2017,

during her volunteer teaching in the slums of Kenya, Ms. Elaine witnessed that although the children were poor, they used the most serious attitude to pursue knowledge and fight against fate.

At the same time,
she also saw the magnificence and vastness of the Serengeti Savannah.

In the morning light of the Masai Mara, she met a new self.

The experience and inspiration of this encounter between Asia, Africa and Europe led her to create Grace1451 enamel jewelry brand. Through her works, you can feel the wild and unrestrained beauty of Africa, but also feel the elegant British style and the exquisite skills inherited by Asian royalty for 600 years. She hopes to show the beauty and power through her brand, beauty is more than one facets! You have so many possibilities!

Delivering power and showing beauty through jewelry, Grace1451 incorporates inspiration from the African savanna and Asian royal enamel craftsmanship, hoping to show the unique beauty of each person!



Storage is important. Always store your pieces - gemstones in
particular - individually so that they don't rub together, scratch or tangle.
Our enclosed pouches can be used to keep your pieces separate.

Other tips:

- Keep jewellery in a dark, cool and dry place. Sterling silver in particular
will naturally oxidise over time when exposed to air, and eventually tarnish,
and the best prevention for this is to store it in a sealed bag or airtight box
when not being worn.

- Don't place jewellery in direct sunlight as prolonged exposure can cause
gemstones to fade and lose their colour.

- Keep creams and sprays well away from your jewellery as they are particularly
susceptible to damage from the effects of chemicals in perfume, hairspray,
make-up, nail polish remover, body ois, sunscreen and deoderant.

- If you live in a humid climate, always store your jewellery with the enclosed
packet of desiccant crystals to help avoid any tarnishing.

- Keep chains fastened at the clasp to avoid tangling.


Clean your jewellery carefully with the soft, non-abrasive and
lint-free cloth. Doing this occasionally will help to maintain or bring back its shine.

If necessary, you can use warm water and a soft toothbrush, then rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Avoid using ‘dip’ polish or abrasive jewellery cleaners as these contain harsh
chemicals and can destroy your jewellery over time.


We don't recommend swimming or showering while wearing your
jewellery, and removing rings when washing hands.

Chlorine, salt water and fresh water can all damage precious metals and gemstones by dulling or eroding them. Gold plated
pieces are particularly susceptible to damage from chlorine, which can permanently damage or discolour them. Soapy water when bathing and showering can also leave a thin film, which makes the metal seem dull.

Some stones such as lapis lazuli can also be quite porous and shouldn’t be left immersed in water for too long. Liquids and oils can seep into the gems through the tiny cracks between the crystals, causing permanent discolouration and damage. Because of this we also don't recommend wearing porous gems to a beach or hot climates.


You can clean your enamel jewellery pieces with warm water and a soft cloth, if the colour is starting to look a little dull.


As with other jewellery, make sure to store in a cool, dry and dark place to prevent damage and keep enamel away from harsh chemicals,
perfumes, detergents and chlorine.


We use gold plated brass / stainless steel with 18ct gold to craft the majority of our statement jewellery.

The reason that gold plating is used instead of gold or gold vermeil is mainly down to affordability - gold plating allows us to keep prices of these pieces at an affordable level, whereas using gold or gold vermeil would be more expensive.

Gold plated pieces are still incredibly durable .


Cubic zirconia stones are used in some of our jewellery for the
lustre they give without the price tag of diamonds.


A gorgeous shine was brought to more delicate pieces.

They 're a durable and affordable alternative to the diamond look.


Our enamel jewellery is painted by hand by artisans, a technique that was already popular with the royal families of the Orient in 1451. This technology can give metal products unique artistic value and beauty, making them more beautiful and exquisite.

Each enamel product is handmade by artisan masters, so each product is unique.